Herbal Supplements

Tibetan medical theory states that everything in the universe is comprised of the five elements: earth, water, fire, wind, space. Underlying the physical and visible there is the all pervading area of invisible and subtle forces which at the microcosmic level are essential for the proper functioning of the body and mind and constitute the subtle counterpart of the gross physical body. These are the three main subtle humours that govern all the processes of the body:

Wind (rLung pronounced Loong) is the manifestation of the Air element and is responsible for physical and mental activities, respiration, expulsion of bodily wastes, speech and gives clarity to sense organs. It is responsible for all voluntary and involuntary functions of the body. In the mind it is expressed as attachment or desire.

Bile (mKhris-pa pronounced Tripa)is the manifestation of the Fire element. It is responsible for hunger, thirst, digestion and assimilation, controls metabolism, liver function, promotes bodily heat, gives luster to the skin and provides courage and determination. It is responsible for all secretory functions.. Bile humour manifests itself in the mind as hatred

Phlegm (Bad-kan pronounced Baeken) – is the manifestation of Earth and Water. It provides lubrication to the body, connectivity to the joints and is responsible for memory and all digestive functions. It is cold in nature. Phlegm manifests itself in the mind as ignorance and obscuration.

The root of all disease is the imbalance of the three subtle humours and the afflictive emotions of desire, hatred and ignorance. The primary aim of Tibetan medicine therefore is to redress this imbalance and to maintain the equilibrium in these elements in order to ensure good health.

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