Herbal Teas

Sorig herbal teas are based on traditional Tibetan principles of good health which seek to balance the 3 bodily humours:

– Wind (rLung pronounced Loong) which manifests the nature of the Air element, is responsible for physical and mental activities, respiration, expulsion of bodily wastes, speech and clarity of sense organs.

– Bile (mKhris-pa pronounced Tripa) which manifests the nature of Fire, controls metabolism, liver function, is responsible for hunger, thirst, digestion and assimilation, promotes bodily heat, gives luster to the skin and provides courage and determination.

– Phlegm (Bad-Kan pronounced Bae-kan) which manifests the nature of Earth and Water, provides lubrication to the body, connectivity to the joints and is responsible for the taste function and memory. It is cold in nature.

Good health, according to traditional Tibetan knowledge, involves a proper balance of all these three humours in our bodies. Sorig herbal teas are made using respected Himalayan plants chosen to help support equilibrium in the 3 humours of Loong, Tripa and Bae-Kan.

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